written by Wanda

Irina Sheik Is Smoking Hot In White Mini-dress

Russian lingerie model Irina Sheik is simply stunning. From her killer body to her perfect face and long flowing hair, the woman is the stuff of dreams. There is something almost exotic about her beauty. No wonder the world’s top lingerie models are worried about losing their silver tiaras. The princesses of pouty, come hither stares are about to be dethrones because Irina is going to blow them all out of the water. No one knows who was on the other line of that phone but whoever it was is very, very lucky to have scored a little bit of time with this beauty. That little white dress hugs her every curve and brings the men of the world to their knees. Irina has the world at her feet and seems oblivious to it all. She goes about her business barely noticing the cameras snapping her every move. Beautiful and down to earth – definitely a rarity in this business.

Irina Sheik Irina Sheik Irina SheikIrina Sheik Irina Sheik

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