written by Wanda

Irina Sheik Nip Slip?

I dunno guys – you be the judge of this one. Does it count as a nip slip if the entire nip doesn’t slip? I’m going to say it does. We definitely have some corner nipple in some of these pictures. Regardless of whether or not you consider this a nip slip, I’m sure you’ll all agree (and I’ll probably be wrong about that), that Irina looks gorgeous here at the TAO Beach Season opening. That woman has incredible legs. Some say she’s too ‘unusual looking’ to be a model, but I have to disagree. First, I don’t think she’s ‘unusual looking’ at all. I think she’s absolutely stunning. Second, a little diversity in the modeling industry isn’t a bad thing at all. I like Irina. It’s good to see her continuing to do well.


  • I think that it could possibly be considered a nip slip. I know that the nip is not out but I do not think that she wanted her outfit to be like this. Or at least let us hope not. Anyway she looks great in this ensemble.

  • she has a sexy exotic look to her, she is fine as hell, great face and body, just look at those legs

  • she is perfection all over, great face, great body, look at that rack and those legs, yummy