written by Wanda

Is Serena Williams Fat Or Muscular?

People like to give Serena Williams a lot of crap about being a little too masculine, but I don’t think that’s entirely fair. I mean, come on – she’s a professional athlete. Of course she’s a little on the muscular side. People like to point out Anna Kournikova and her ultra feminine body, but aside from the fact that they both play tennis, I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two. Anna is widely considered mediocre in tennis. Serena, on the other hand, is seen as one of the best female tennis players in the world today. I like Serena. I like that she is who she is and doesn’t seem to worry a whole lot about what other people think of her. So, is Serena Williams fat or not?


  • I assure you. Maybe thick, but it’s ALL muscle…

  • I agree she is thick but definitely not fat. just look at her sexy tummy, no fat there. she has a big butt and i love it. i would hit it for sho

  • She has been injured for the last few months with the bad foot. So she not in playing shape. Fat? Hardly. Miss Kournikova is a model who can hit a ball once in a while. Serena is a Champion player who likes to get girly.

  • She is not only fat, but ugly too. Guarnateed she has a set of hairy balls under that bikini bottom. Yuck.

  • She is not only fat, but ugly too. Guaranteed she has a set of hairy balls under that bikini bottom. Yuck.

  • I wouldn’t look at Serena and think she was fat. Far from it. She’s very fit and muscular. Like you, I don’t get when people make comparisons with her and Anna. Who’s won the most awards/tournaments? I rest my case.

  • Who are we kidding? Fat!

  • You are totally entitled to your opinion, Roger. Totally. We all see things different, which is a good thing. You think she’s fat? Cool. I don’t think she is? Cool. It’s neither here nor there really in the grand scheme of things.

  • I don’t see why her body is the subject of so much discussion and criticism. I’d rather focus on all the medals she’s won. Because at the end of the day that’s what matters to me when I’m watching a game – her skill and talent, not her body.

  • She Is the best player in History. She has a Best body.

  • The strongest and fittest tennis player ever (Yes, stronger than the men too). I love her!

  • she played a guy ranked 400 was out of prime and he was smoking and he killed her and her sister venus, she would get owned by any guy in tennis, of course she is very strong on women’s, look at her build, great rack on this amazon

  • She is not fat, just big boned and very muscular. Was it a good decision to wear a bikini? Most likely not. But hey when you are that famous and have a good game you can do whatever you wish.

  • She is not fat at all. She has the muscle to her. She is toned. And I agree that she has so many medals so let us focus on that. She is not pretty by any means but she does have a nice body.

  • She is quite nice in the face, nice body, real women, I would not kick her out of bed put it that way

  • this rhinoceros is absolutely revolting. there is absolutely nothing attractive about this creature. it’s a shame that feminie women like maria sharapova have to be in the same arena as this dumb truck looking beast. put this animal in a cage with a gorilla and you’d never notice a difference. if you ever need to rapidly deflate a boner just think of her and it will disappear like a ninja in the night. gross.

  • id love to see what some of these assholes saying she is fat and ugly look like here, big behind a keyboard most of these people who say such bullshit probably look worser but get brave on an internet yes you are entitled to your opinion but why come to a page and post nasty comments on someone who you don’t like?

  • id love a go on her big boobs

  • she has a great body, some of you people must be in excellent shape or your just skinny as hell, she would break most of you in half i bet

  • Look at her legs guys! It has no cellulite!! And her tummy’s just as tight as what we women want! Looks like her body’s trained for hours everyday! Her body’s purely muscle. I guess she’s thick but she’s NOT fat.
    Also I think she doesn’t care much if people think she’s fat or ugly. It’s the same body that helped her attain her high status in the sports industry anyway. So why would it matter?