written by Wanda

Is This Really Hilary Duff?

Here’s how all this works: I log in to start work and check out the posts that have been assigned to me. The posts already have the photos in them and are already labeled with the celebrity’s name and sometimes a little basic information. This time, the photos were labeled Hilary Duff and the info I got with the pictures stated they were snapped as she was leaving Aventine Italian restaurant in Hollywood. All of that made sense … until I looked at the photos. This does not look like Hilary Duff to me. Has it really been that long since I’ve seen her? Has she really changed that much since I’ve seen her? I do have a hard time recognizing faces sometimes. Maybe that’s the culprit. Hilary or not, these photos are great and the woman in them is certainly beautiful. She just doesn’t look like the Hilary I know and love.


  • She used to be an actress and singer, right? I find her hard to remember too. lol

    • Indeed. I think she still acts but I’m not sure about the singing.

  • nice legs

  • that face and those legs- yummy