written by Wanda

Is Tila Tequila Still A Celebrity?

I suppose the question should be, was Tila Tequila ever a celebrity to begin with. Her music is just terrible and she she brought reality television to a whole new low with “A Shot at Love” and “A Shot of Love 2”. Her performance at last year’s Gathering of the Juggalos (the underground music festival organized by Insane Clown Posse) was about as well received as a punch in the face. She was not only booed but was also pelted with rocks, bottles and apparently a really disgusting watermelon I won’t even discuss here. Did she deserve that? Of course not! No one deserves that. Still though, maybe it was a sign music just isn’t her thing. What is her thing? Looking super hot and being a fame whore. Outside the Sirius Radio building, Tila does what she does best – posed for cameras and flashed as much skin as possible. She’s not classy. She’s got zero credibility but she’s still gorgeous so I guess she’s got that going for her.


  • Damn straight! Oh wait, never knew she was ever one.

    • You make a good point. I kind of liked her – somehow – at one point in time, but came to my senses.

  • Was that ‘point in time’ that reality show where she was making out with hot ‘lezzers’?

  • ‘juggalos’ are farking ghey!

  • That may have been that point in time and it likely had a lot to do with her making out with hot ‘lezzers’. Don’t judge me. ;)

  • Tilala;I can help you. Give me a call, I am alyaws there when you need help, especially a sexy viet girl like you, just ask amanda.

  • teh top pic what is she doing teasing a bunch h of guys to spank her hard, bent over like that, she does have great legs on her tho

  • she is so slutty tho, she has been on a radio show in these clothes touching up her legs and has even done porn stuff getting pounded by guys, imagine how many guys she has banged

  • id love to pound her from the back