written by irene

Ivanka Trump Rich, Blonde And Leggy

Yes, there are a few mortals in this world who have it all! Beauty, brains and bucks! Real estate mogul Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump is one of those very lucky few. She’s not only a pretty, blonde and leggy beauty, she’s a jewelry designer, model and very powerful member of the Trump real estate mega corporation. In these photos, Ivanka shows that she’s not just a pretty face, she can also be a smart businesswoman who knows how to use her “assets.”

Ivanka Trump

Beauty and rich leggy Trump jewelry designer heels sexy Ivanka Trump Ivanka Trump is real beauty


  • She has great legs!

  • Thanks to her daddy she is famous :)

  • She look sucks

  • Stunning beauty, eyes, skin, hair, proportions and the spirit of beauty captured in her smile. Now who is she again?