written by Ann

Ivanka Trump Rides Sexily

Ivanka Trump was at St. Barth. She was given V.I.P. treatment and was hoisted up the shoulders of her friend. She got out into the sea without getting her feet wet. The guy must have been really happy to be carrying Ivanka. She has a great pair of sexy legs. I wonder if he felt squeamish at her feet hooking into his back. Ivanka was riding on his shoulders with style and aplomb. What a sexy pair they make!

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  • she doesn’t show off her body for a reason: her ass is probably gross. she keeps herself covered up cause she’s embarrassed by it, but it fools people into thinking she’s classy.

  • Watch out, something looks like it is brewing. Your right, they do make a cute couple… maybe in the future. But I will give the guy some props on balancing her all the way up there like that.

  • Well her dad can’t say “You are fired” to this guy i guess.
    She is really hot though, she is smart also.
    Perfect combination of a ideal woman.

  • to “TRUMP” in the UK means to break wind, to say “i vana trump” would get you thrown off a bus, does it mean the same thing in the states?

  • i think she is sexy


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