written by Wanda

Izabel Goulart Is A Skinny, Skinny Lady.

Now, I’m not criticizing Izabel Goulart and her tiny frame, I’m just pointing out a fact. She is a very skinny lady and I don’t really think there’s anything wrong with that. She doesn’t look unhealthy to me. Of course, there are bound to be those who disagree but everyone has their own opinion, especially when it comes to what is appealing and what isn’t. I think Izabel looks fantastic in this shoot. She looks like she’s having fun with it and not taking the whole thing too seriously. I always find that appealing. I typically prefer curvier women but I’m have nothing against skinny women either. Beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes. I think Izabel is a great example of that.


  • She is very skinny but not in a bad way. I mean she could stand to gain a few pounds and she would still look gorgeous. But she does not look bad at all here. I rather like the photos.

  • She is very skinny indeed. But she looks good to me. I do not criticize those who are too fat or too skinny. Until you walk a mile in their shoes you never know what is going on it their bodies.