written by Wanda

Jamie Chung Poses For A Sexy Bikini Photoshoot

I really like Jamie Chung so it makes sense that I really like these photos from a recent SKYY Vodka & bikini photoshoot at a Beverly Hills hotel pool. I mean, c’mon. Just look at Jamie in these photos. This lady is so beautiful, it’s kind of ridiculous. Her body is incredible and she just has this sweetness about her look that I find incredibly appealing. Everything about these photos works for me. I love the bikini. I love the setting and I love Jamie’s poses. They look natural and relaxed instead of forced or staged. I really appreciate that. I love the shot where she’s sitting on the side of the pool in her denim shorts sipping on a drink. Have I ever mentioned that I have a serious thing for the denim shorts/bikini top look? Yes? Good. These photos are fantastic. I’m thrilled to get the chance to write about Jamie. Absolutely love her.

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