written by Wanda

Janice Dickinson Celebrates The 4th Of July

The world’s first supermodel has definitely seen better days. I have to give her serious credit for looking as good as she does in a bikini and for having the balls to wear a bikini at 56 years old, but I’m not entirely sure this is something the world needs to see. I love her patriotism though. As she’s seen celebrating the 4th of July on a beach in Malibu, Janice doesn’t exactly look like a woman that’s knocking on 60’s door, but she doesn’t look far from it either. It’s one of those weird situations where you look at the pictures and think, “Holy cow! I can’t believe she’s almost sixty. Well….” and then you trail off uncomfortably admitting, without actually saying, that yeah, you can kind of see it. Still a gutsy move from a woman known for being bold and outrageous.


  • she is a dog wtf?

  • I agree Anon. Woof. She is a total b. I have seen her on tv shows and she makes fun of others but she is nothing to look at. If you want real beauty then go with someone like Cindy Crawford who looks amazing after all these years.