written by Wanda

Jasmine Waltz Washes A Car In A Bikini

I have a problem with women that are only famous because they slept with someone famous and that is why I have a problem with Jasmine Waltz. Jasmine is most commonly known as the woman David Arquette hooked up after separating from his wife, Courtney Cox. She’s also boffed a bunch of other celebs and was most recently seen heading out for dinner with David Spade. Things are pretty bleak when you’re not even hooking up with A-listers to get famous. Anyway, there is now a sex tape being shopped around of Jasmine and her ex (not either of the Davids, by the way). I don’t have a problem with celebrities putting out sex tapes. Do what it takes to get noticed, I suppose. What bugs me about it is when they lie and Jasmine… oh yeah, she lied alright. She said she was “shocked” the tape was going to come out. I don’t know how shocked she could be when signed documents exist showing she is the one that sold to tape to the distributor. Anyway, none of that matters. You come here to see pictures of hot girls and she is definitely a hot girl. This whole photo set is hot. She has a fantastic body and knows how to show it off for the cameras. I guess that’s really all that matters.


  • Ya.. she likes car wash saw it here too :P

  • so hot, great body, she can wash my car anytime

  • i wish all women did this who looked like her, damn she is fine, what a body