written by Wanda

Jayde Nicole In Tight, Hot Pink Mini Dress

As a Canadian, I always feel the need to like Canadian celebrities. It’s a country pride thing. I’m proud to be Canadian and I’m proud of the talent Canada produces. Then there’s Jayde Nicole. Why do I have a problem with her and not Pam Anderson? I can’t quite explain it, to be honest. Jayde is pretty and mostly famous for her Playboy pictorials for which she was named Playmate of the Year in 2008. Pam is pretty and mostly famous – well, okay, Pam’s famous for more than just Playboy but most of it involves being either naked or scantily clad. There’s just something about Jayde that rubs me the wrong way. Perhaps it was falsely accusing Joe Francis (of Girl’s Gone Wild Fame) of punching her in the face. I hate women who lie about things like that. It makes it harder for women who are actually the victims of violence at the hands of men have a harder time proving it. Low.

Jayde Nicole Jayde Nicole Jayde Nicole Jayde Nicole

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  • such skinny legs