written by Nabanita

Jenna Bentley Kisses By The Beach

21 year old Playboy Playmate, Jenna Bentley was spotted having some candid moments with her hubby, who just couldn’t take his eyes off her. Reports suggest Jenna as being engaged to this millionaire who is a big daddy in the pawn business.  Jenna was wearing a brown bikini which seemed a few sizes too small to cover her huge breasts. The blond was also seen taking paddleboarding lessons from a trainer. Jenna seems to be a fast learner as later in the day she was seen paddleboarding on her own in the Maui waters. Jenna’s sugar daddy was having a great time on his Hawaii vacation as he kept kissing, lifting and holding his new love.

Jenna Bentley Jenna Bentley Jenna BentleyJenna Bentley Jenna Bentley Jenna Bentley Jenna Bentley Jenna Bentley


  • why is such a beautiful babe doing with that oldtimer?

  • i found that funny and disgusting!!

  • there’s a latin name for this chick – golddiggerus maximus

  • If she’s engaged to him like you’ve mentioned, then he can’t be her ‘hubby’ (i.e., husband) like you’ve also mentioned.

    I don’t have a problem with them being together – love is love (if that’s what it is). However, look at that main pic right there – look at the body language — to me, she looks like she can’t stand kissing him.

  • she could be getting plowed by any young hot stud and she chooses an old, fat man well fair play she is not shallow like a lot of people but fair play to him too nailing her damn he did well

  • she is a hottie and he has a good body lol

  • she is with him because he is rich millionaire, gold digger, she is obsessed with money, she certainly cant be with him because of his face and body, old guy

  • The old guy has a great body lmao, she has no class tho, then again most celebs are obsessed with money so why not bang a millionaire but this guy.


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