written by Wanda

Jenna Bentley Rocks Ed Hardy Bikini

Normally I’m not a big Ed Hardy fan, but these pictures of Jenna Bentley wearing an Ed Hardy might just change my mind. The girl looks pretty incredible. The only problem I see with Jenna is that she looks a lot (and I mean a lot) like ‘T’, one of Tara’s alters on the Showtime show The United States of Tara. I know, I know. Tara and all of her alters are played by the ridiculously talented Toni Collette, but there is definitely a resemblance there. Unless, of course, I’m just crazy. Let’s not discount that possibility. Either way, Jenna looks hot and at the end of that day, that’s really all that matters. Moving on.

Jenna Bentley Jenna Bentley Jenna BentleyJenna Bentley Jenna Bentley Jenna Bentley Jenna Bentley


  • BOOO!!! C’mon. Where are the women sans C4(that’s plastic enhancement for the uninitiated)?

  • I’m not big on the fake boobies either, but it’s hard to find natural women these days – especially in Hollywood. We’ve got some girls of the non-enhanced variety coming up and just posted some Jessica Biel. I’m pretty sure she’s all natural. Some Julia Stiles as well and she’s definitely got all her original parts.

  • she is wow!

  • I have no issues with these photos at all. She looks great here. Hot and smoking and just plain fine. She has a look about her that drives me completely wild.

  • Now dats a woman!

  • what a women, sexy body

  • great body