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Jenna Jameson And Her Tattoos

I don’t even know how to begin describing Jenna Jameson. I mean, come on, what’s wrong with her lips? I know those are a lot of tattoos on her ankle, shin and leg but what’s wrong with her lips?! Too much collagen? Or just the wrong lipstick? Jenna recently attended the premiere of The Bucket List in L.A. The bombshell then went to Club Hyde where she signed autographs for fans before heading home. Okay, here goes, let’s play a little poll of sorts…what’s sexy about Jenna?

Jenna Jameson Tattoo

Jenna Jameson 1.jpg Jenna Jameson 2.jpg Jenna Jameson 3.jpg Jenna Jameson 4.jpg Jenna Jameson 5.jpg Jenna Jameson 6.jpg Jenna Jameson 7.jpg Jenna Jameson 8.jpg Jenna Jameson 9.jpg Jenna Jameson 10.jpg


  • Wow… thats all I need to say.

  • Very leggy!!

  • I want signature aswell Jenna :p

  • What the hell is a porn star doing at a film premier with great actors such as Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson?! Its supposed to be an Oscar worthy film!

  • I respect Jenna Jameson, I think she’s doing her thing. I used to think she was quite hot, but ever since she lost all that weight she looks like an old woman.

  • Jenna Jameson, that name sounds like heaven to me.
    She is the best pornstar i know . I would love to just see her.

  • Okay! She’s sexy though seemingly to show some age. Anyone has his worth to attend any occasion as long as invited. Maybe there’s something she needs to conceal under her tattoos, whatever scar it is.

  • are you people out of your minds? she looks terrible! I smell meth. horrible. and one of you repsects her? wow. anyway, she was one hell of a porn chick that’s for sure but she’s falling apart and it’s very sad for her.


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