written by Ann

Jenna Jameson’s Sexy Peta Ad

Jenna Jameson did a new campaign for Peta. She donned a dark wig and black lingerie to tell lookers to “Pleather Yourself.” It was ironic that a porn star did not have to strip for Peta while an actress was encouraged to fully disrobe for Peta’s bare meat campaigns. I admire Jenna’s resolution to stop acting in porn. She has attained celebrity status after years of hard work. She does not need to strip again. This ad is in good taste for her and everyone else.

Jenna Jameson

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  • Talk about overrated! Her face looks so fake (no telling how many surgeries went on up there). Some people see blond hair, and nothing else matters…sad.

  • keep your acid tongue to yourself if you’re jealous


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