written by Wanda

Jenna Jameson Tries On Thigh High Boots

Tito Ortiz has denied that he and Jenna Jameson are calling it quits despite she has recently been spotted without her wedding ring. The split reportedly happened because Jenna threw some his jewelry into the ocean. Or something. I dunno. I think they should’ve split that time he attacked her. Or didn’t attack her – depending on which time you think she was telling the truth. These two are a real pair. And they have kids. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Jenna’s hot. She’s a legend in the world of porn and has managed to kind of cross over to the main stream. If I was the girl helping her try on boots, I think I’d have to sneak a peak up that skirt and see what the cooch looks like in person. Heaven knows I’ve seen it on camera enough times.


  • If you looked up her skirt though, it might be a disappointment! I have a feeling it would look nothing like it does in porn. On the other hand, maybe not – this could be a photo op from some porn producer. The other girl in these pics might even be in on it!

    • Probably not now. Think she popped out a kid or two. It’d just be cool to see legendary vag in person. She did a photo shoot not too long ago that was more ‘artistic’ in tone and she wasn’t wearing pants. It… was not impressive.

  • Yikes. That doesn’t sound good. Ah, aging porn stars. I wonder if there’s some retirement home where they all go.

    • I think there is. It’s called Celebrity Rehab.