written by Wanda

Jenni JWOWW Farley Looks Incredible

I stopped watching Jersey Shore around the fourth season but I still had a soft spot for Jenni Jwoww Farley. I still do. I think she’s great. She’s gutsy, bold and full of confidence. I really find all those qualities incredibly appealing. On top of all that, she’s pretty hot and only seems to be getting hotter. I think that’s pretty obvious in these photos from the┬áRehab Bikini Invitational. Some of you may have heard about a few issues Jenni ran into recently with Twitter. Apparently, someone hacked her account, changed her profile picture to a swastika and Tweeted the real life phone numbers of Jersey Shore castmates Pauley D, Deena and Snooki as well as celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton. The account is back under Jenni’s control again but a few phone numbers had to be changed. Yikes!


  • this women is hot, all sorts of sexy, love the cleavage on show, amazing rack and those meaty thighs, wow, buff lady

  • ‘Im loving those thick thighs, she got great curves, Id love to plow her hard