written by Ann

Jennifer Aniston’s Pink Bikini Pictures

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayor have been dating in the pool for virtually every weekend since Jennifer was based in Miami. On Friday, May 16, a news site reported that Jennifer has finally wrapped up her stay in Miami and her hotel bell hop had to cart away 4 trolleys of luggage. Well, Jennifer is a super star and she had the right to travel in comfort. I hope she gave the poor guy a fat tip.

Jennifer Aniston

John Mayor Jennifer Aniston in Miami Jennifer Aniston, swimming pool Jennifer Aniston in a bikini Jennifer Aniston ass Jennifer Aniston with a guy Jennifer Aniston 7.jpg Jennifer Aniston 8.jpg


  • No doubt she is looking great!

  • sexy back

  • Very good view I must say haha

  • love these pictures

  • Proof positive that she not only knows these pictures are being taken but that Huvane arranges them. Phony as her nose.