written by Ann

Jennifer Aniston Shows Boobs

Jennifer Aniston shows off her boobs in her braless black top while she was walking in Beverly Hills. She had color matching shoes and skirt and looked good. Jennifer has been making news with her hot romance with John Mayer. John is presently traveling around due to his world tour and Jennifer has accompanied him on many occasions. A source revealed that John would be moving into Jen’s house to try out the couple life. It seemed that Jennifer was smitten and would believe anything John told her.

Jennifer Aniston

mini skirt Jennifer Aniston ass Jennifer Aniston 3.jpg Jennifer Aniston 4.jpg Jennifer Aniston 5.jpg Jennifer Aniston 6.jpg boobs Jennifer Aniston 8.jpg braless black top


  • She has the most fabulous boobs.

  • I wouldn’t complain about the ass neither.

  • Woah!! she’s gorgeous!!

  • YUM!

  • one word..want!

  • That’s a man baby! With long hair, its a hippy!

  • boobs are awesome. so are those sexy muscular legs and tight ass

    • i want to have her boobs in my mouth

  • her calf muscles are outstanding. awesome shape

    • i know right

  • i want to have sex with her

  • What guy wouldn’t wanna bang her, I know I would love too, she is pretty, nice ass, great legs she is so fine

  • I would take her from behind judging from these pics, fit as fuck, nice legs, nothing sexier than a women in a skirt and high heels, nice ass on her too