written by Ann

Jennifer Aniston’s Vogue Pictures

Jennifer Aniston’s photoshoot with Vogue was fabulous. Aniston displayed her super slim and sexy body in different fashions. Aniston was like a nymph in her graceful form. Today’s hot gossip on Aniston was about John Mayer meeting Aniston’s father, John Aniston, and her stepmom, Sherry Rooney Aniston. Evidently, the Mayer-Aniston relationship was turning serious. Jennifer Aniston has recently gained enough confidence to move ahead and she could even look back to her past and said that was like a hundred years ago.

Jennifer Aniston

sexy Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston in Vogue 2008 Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston with dog Jennifer Aniston


  • Thank you for these pictures.

  • Well, I am not even wondering why Brad Pitt dumped her. Her body is average, her face is ugly.