written by Nabanita

Jennifer Ellison Promotes ‘War Of The Worlds’

Jennifer Ellison certainly did her bit for the promotion of “War of The Worlds” musical in Dublin by making her presence felt. Of course, screen presence is one thing but there’s certainly something more that we expect, a fashion sense now that certainly was missing. This black and white leopard print design didn’t seem to do much to flatter her, neither in terms of dress design or to help her body shape. Was her attempt at promotion just a formality or she thought she’d look cool in anything she wore. Well, we hope she takes a few cues from someone next time and hopefully wears something better.

Jennifer Ellison

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  • nice outfit.. any idea where could I get that leopard -print dress?

  • whos the girl close to her?


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  • patricia sherratt { who the mystery man ? }
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