written by Wanda

Jennifer Hawkins Is A Real Stunner

I simply¬†adore these photos of gorgeous model/beauty queen/tv host, Jennifer Hawkins. She just has such a fresh faced, girl next door vibe going on and I’m a sucker for a woman like that. While she is certainly capable of steaming it up in sexy photoshoots, I really like red carpet shots like these ones when it comes to Jennifer. I feel shots like these ones really let her true beauty shine through. While she’s obviously had her hair and makeup done, she isn’t as worked on as she might be in a photoshoot. I think she has a natural, comfortable feel in front of red carpet cameras as well and for some models, that can be tricky to pull off. Some models wind up looking like they’re trying to hard but I’ve never found that with Jennifer. She’s a lovely girl.

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