written by Wanda

Jennifer Jwoww Farley And Snooki Vacation In Cancun

Here are some pictures of “Jersey Shore” stars Jennifer “Jwoww” Farley and Snooki vacationing in Cancun. What are they on vacation from? I have no idea. The bigger question for me is how they actually know they’re on vacation. Oh, and Snooki’s pregnant so you can just go ahead and insert your own “Snooki’s pregnant” joke here. I have to be honest. I don’t typically like the reality show celebrities but I actually like Jwoww. I stopped watching the show after Mike knocked himself out with that wall, but when I was still watching, Jenni was always my favorite. She got caught up in the drama sometimes but she usually seemed to have at least somewhat good intentions. And yes, I admit I like Snooki too although I can’t explain why. I feel like I should really dislike her but I just can’t quite do it. I don’t think she’s nearly as bad as people like to make her out to be. The actual show though? Yeah – pretty bad.


  • I was never a Jersey Shore fan. It’s probably addictive to watch, but I never watched it in the first place, let alone get to the point where I can’t get enough of it. I knew about Snooki because there was a remark she made a few years back about whales. That’s about it.

    • I was pretty caught up in Jersey Shore for a few seasons but it’s just too much for me. All the fighting between those kids is just exhausting to watch. I can’t imagine living that way.

  • If you found it exhausting, imagine what it was like for them! They’re in it. Or maybe it wasn’t exhausting ‘cos I’m sure they didn’t go on the program for free. They’ve probably made tons of money from being on it.

  • I saw Snooki and JWOWW in the Newark airport with a couple of other girls right before they left for this trip. I realize they probably get bombarded by people all of the time saying stupid stuff to them, taking pictures of them, etc. However, I politely walked up to them and told them my best friend loves them (true) and her dog had just died that week (unfortunately, also true.) It would turn her whole week around if I could take a picture of them and send it to her. They rolled their eyes at me and their handlers shooed me away. I was surprised a little because I figured they would appreciate a girl taking care of her best friend. Instead they were just rude and annoyed that someone would talk to them. I was prepared to like them but walked away disappointed.