written by Wanda

Jennifer Lawrence Looking Absolutely Gorgeous At Cannes

Despite the fact that I didn’t love The Hunger Games, I consider myself a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence. She’s beautiful, classy and stylish and not to mention incredibly talented. While a lot of people questioned her decision to take on a big budget series like The Hunger Games, I thought it was a wise career move. It gave her more exposure and got her name out there, also allowing her to focus on more artistically rewarding projects as well. And let’s be honest, The Hunger Games wasn’t exactly Twilight. It had some really good moments. I just felt it missed its mark overall, especially considering how comparatively good the book was. All that aside, I think Jennifer looks incredible in these photos from Cannes. She looks classy, mature and sophisticated while also looking sexy. I love this girl. I’m certain she has a very bright future ahead of her.

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