written by Wanda

Jennifer Lawrence Looks Fabulous In Hawaii.

Jennifer Lawrence recently said that she is considered obese by Hollywood standards and I was sincerely disturbed by that. This woman is nowhere near obese and shame on those who would tell her otherwise. She isn’t stick thin but she doesn’t have to be. What kind of a world are we living in when the young lady in these photos from Hawaii is considered obese – not curvy, not chunky, not even fat but obese. Obesity is a huge problem in the United States. Calling women like Jennifer obese makes a total mockery of the problem. Obesity is unhealthy and there is nothing unhealthy about the way Jennifer looks. Am I missing something here?



  • obese wtf? no way, she is gorgeous, anyway I love women with curves and meat on their bones, she is nice

    and her body looks great to me, she is no way obese not even close

  • I checked and no flab here just a larger frame hot woman.
    Not a twig a woman who is big in all the right places.

  • she has a nice body, if that’s a crap body i give up and most people should, people are too obsessed with figures etc now, obese etc, I have dated much thinner girls, chubbier girls etc, beauty is in the eye of the beholder to me I think personality is more important,

    sure having a nice face and body is a plus, But personality counts for more, jennifer is good looking and to me she has a great body

  • lets be honest, I would not kick her out of bed, she is hot