written by Wanda

Jennifer Lopez And Cameron Diaz At The 84th Academy Awards

Sorry folks, I just didn’t see the Jennifer Lopez nip slip everyone seems to be talking about today. Jennifer is laughing off the reports, claiming she was too tightly packed into her dress for anything to pop out and I suppose I believe her. I don’t think it really matters. In my always humble opinion, Jennifer was the best dressed lady at the Oscars this year. Sexy but yet classy – she stole the show although I have to admit Cameron Diaz isn’t looking to shabby either. I’ve always admired Cameron’s laid back style but she definitely knows how to glam it up as well. I love that she and Jennifer got to present together at the 84th Annual Academy Awards. They make a striking pair. For me, this was one of the best moments of the show.


  • Diaz is one helluva weight lifter.

  • They look absolutely gorgeous. I really like that their color scheme and outfits look co-ordinated. I think it makes Jennifer and Cameron look like more of a united front.

    Jennifer looks pretty secure in the outfit. I don’t see how the nip slip could have happened.

  • Jennifer Lopez looks amazing! Pow, pow, pow! She’s one hot sultry elegant woman. Cameron Diaz looks really good too – didn’t know she had a butt on her.

    My favorite pic is that main one where they’re both looking back.

  • I wonder if the same designer made those two dresses. Looks like similar material to me. They both look beautiful and classy: the dresses and the ladies. And I like how Jennifer held her hair up too – very elegant.

  • jennifer lopez one of sexiest women in world best ass ever

  • both are so sexy, what id give for them 2 stunners in my bed