written by Wanda

Jennifer Lopez Is Back On Top

Did “American Idol” save Jennifer Lopez or did Jennifer Lopez save “American Idol”? This is the question a lot of people have been asking since Lopez was named the “most beautiful woman in the world” by People Magazine. Think back just a little bit to where Lopez was before being a new AI judge. Her singles were barely charting and her movie career was pretty much stalled (to be fair, I really liked “The Backup Plan”). Now she’s back on top and I think she deserves it. Here in LA, Jennifer shows off her body but in a way that doesn’t really come across as exploitive or slutty. She’s just having fun with the photo shoot and I like that. She’s a sexy woman and not nearly the diva I thought she was. I’m a fan all over again.


  • older she gets better she looks… thumbs up Jlo!!

  • I know, Ann! She looks amazing regardless of her age, but then once you know her age, it’s like double wow! Forties aren’t the new thirties – more like the new twenties! Her boyfriend can probably testify to that too!

  • she is so hot, j lo let me fuk u hard

  • she is becomng worser for attention as yrs ahve gne on, obviously if you looked like her or had her body its reason to have a big ego and confidence in yourself, she is big because of her ass and stuff, she always shows off that body, she can do full nude shots for me or get into porn but her music sucks tbh

  • not keen on her music either but sex sells, we live in a world now where everyone is obsessed with looks and body’s, most people are vain enough and if you have her body its probably reason to be so self confident.

    who cares tho about the sexiest women in the world, have they seen every women in the world and compared them personal opinion and impossible to gauge, Tulisa was named it for heavens sake which tells you about that award,

    But Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course j lo looks nice tho

  • j lo has awesome legs and ass, the shots of her in heels are way hotter