written by Wanda

Jennifer Lopez Makes Her Epic Comeback

Only a few short months before the tenth season of ‘American Idol’ hit the airwaves, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that would say Jennifer Lopez wasn’t washed up. Her last single was a giant flop. The same can be said for her latest movie, “The Back Up Plan” (which I actually really liked, by the way). Then along comes “Idol” and Jennifer Lopez is back in the limelight. One can’t blame the girl for capitalizing on that. She showed a kinder side of herself that flew in the face of the cold-hearted diva some would have us believe she was. Shown here filming her new music video, it’s pretty obvious that Lopez hasn’t gone completely soft. She still has that fire that made everyone love her in the first place and she’s still smoking hot. I’m officially back on Team Jennifer.


  • her ass is still in perfect shape :)

  • for woman her age she is super sexy

  • why is always all about her ass?? :D

  • Jennifer Lopez is a goddess. I’ve also never thought she was cold-hearted. She’s always come across as quite warm to me. But the guy she’s with in those photos – ooh, sweet Jesus he’s fine with cherry and sprinkles on top. :-)

  • There was a rumor going round months back that Jennifer was having an affair with that guy she shot the video with and that’s why she and her husband split up. I don’t know how true it is. I don’t think it’s true. Well, I wasn’t there anyway, so how would I know?!!!