written by Wanda

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Famous Ass In London

American IdolĀ completely changed the way I see Jennifer Lopez. I used to see her as some sort of inhuman diva monster but after watching her as a judge on the famous singing competition, I saw her as someone far more down to earth than I’d ever imagined. I have always been a Lopez fan, even when I thought she was a crazy diva, but her time on the show really made me appreciate her in a different way. One thing I’ve never doubted about Lopez? Her incredible beauty. Her face, her body … her whole persona. Everything about Jennifer Lopez screams sexy to me. I think these shots from her concert in London really back that up. I’m not a fan of every single song Jennifer has recorded but I have to admit, I’d absolutely love to see her live. I think she’d put on one heck of a show and she’d look fantastic as she did it.

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