written by Wanda

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Legs In West Hollywood

Ah, Lady Lopez – how gorgeous is she? Absolutely stunning, I saw. This is a woman who just doesn’t age. Well, that isn’t entirely true. If you look at old photos of her, you can clearly see she’s aged but in the best possible way. I dare say Jennifer is sexier now than she was back then. In these photos, taken in West Hollywood, Jennifer is looking every bit the proper diva. She’s got the glasses on, the hair and makeup done and all of the rest and she looks fabulous. I want to be Jennifer’s best friend. Who do I talk to about making that happen?


  • awesome legs, i wish i was him

  • Short legs.

  • short legs, well she is 5 ft 5 so she isn’t a short women by any means, i like her stumpy legs, she is probably an annoying women who sells herself by looking slutty in her new music videos but she is nice looking and has a nice figure so I can’t complain

  • she is one of the hottest women period shame we don’t get to see her ass as much here, nice legs, she is so hot

  • nice pins, she is a very hot lady