written by Wanda

Jennifer Lopez Still Has An Ass That Won’t Quit.

Even after all these years, Jennifer Lopez still has one of the finest backsides in the business and she still isn’t shy about showing it off. In these photos from Soñando por Bailar, Argentina, Jennifer looks fabulous. Her dress compliments her finest physical features beautifully – most of all that fine rear end she’s so famous for. It looks like that hasn’t gone unnoticed. If I were to ever meet the lovely Miss. Lopez, I may have to bow down as well. It’s kind of amazing how much something like “American Idol” can impact a person’s career and reputation. Before Idol, Lopez was seen as a diva. Now she has a much more positive image. My mind is among the minds that were changed. I love this women. I hope she changes her mind and comes back for another season.


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