written by Wanda

Jennifer Lopez Walks On Water?

Serious props to the photographer who snapped the first picture in this set. It really does look like Jennifer Lopez is walking on water. I really wouldn’t be surprised if she were able to, honestly. The fact that Lopez is 43 and still looks that good in a bikini is pretty miraculous on her own. The man in these photos, Jennifer’s boyfriend Casper, is one extremely lucky man. In these photos from Miami, Jennifer looks fabulous – like she’s having a great day with her significant other. I’m not entirely convinced Jennifer and Casper are a forever think but it looks like they’re having a great time together and sometimes that’s really all that matters.


  • That is a wonderful pic of Jennifer. She is walking almost on the water, and the photographer was ready for it. I think that she looks great in this suit. She is that old and you would never know it.

  • what a great milf