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Jennifer Lopez’s Ass Shot

Some nice HQ photos, including ass shot of Jennifer Lopez, showing off her sexy legs in a short green skirt. Well, not only do you get a nice view of her legs, but Jennifer’s green top is nice and tight as well.

Jennifer Lopez Ass

Jennifer Lopez Legs 1.jpg Jennifer Lopez Legs 2.jpg Jennifer Lopez Legs 3.jpg Jennifer Lopez Legs 4.jpg Jennifer Lopez Legs 5.jpg Jennifer Lopez Legs 6.jpg Jennifer Lopez Legs 7.jpg Jennifer Lopez Legs 8.jpg Jennifer Lopez Legs 9.jpg


  • Very nice indeed! J. Lo. has the best Ass :p

  • it’s always nice to see Jennifer Lopez from behind… no matter where

  • What’s better than Jennifer Lopez’s Ass? Jennifer Lopez’s Ass naked.

  • j-lo jsut have the best ass

  • There is so much more to Jennifer’s than her ass but the ass is her trademark ))))))))) NICE (((((((((((((((((((

  • jlo is really hawt she is worth more than 1-2 billion dollars.

  • I would fuck her threw the ass til she lost it

  • I wouldn’t say her top was tight, actually. It’s more figure-hugging than tight. And it doesn’t look like a top to me. It looks like she’s wearing a dress. Either way, she looks beautiful. I like the shoes too. Jennifer’s daddy: no you wouldn’t and you know it.

  • very sexy women, only way I could be happier is seeing her fully naked, those legs and ass are always so good, id love her to wrap her feet around my ***, we can all dream, always was my main crush

  • very sexy and curvy, her music is awful now, most her songs are but her main talent is showing off her great body, great thick legs and that famous booty of her’s. I’d love to fuck her