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Jennifer Lopez’s Bikini Pictures In Portofino

Jennifer Lopez was on a short break as she accompanied Marc Anthony on his European tour. They stayed in a villa off Portofino. These bikini pictures were snapped on July 4. J. Lo and Marc Anthony were with their friend, fashion designer Stefano Gabbana. J. Lo had gained more than 3 stones while she was pregnant less than 5 months ago. Now, she has shed all that weight and looked fantastic in her bikini pictures. Marc said he brought his entire family with him to inspire him.

Jennifer Lopez

Portofino Marc Anthony Jennifer Lopez 3.jpg Jennifer Lopez 4.jpg Jennifer Lopez 5.jpg Jennifer Lopez 6.jpg Jennifer Lopez 7.jpg Jennifer Lopez 8.jpg Jennifer Lopez 9.jpg Jennifer Lopez 10.jpg Jennifer Lopez 11.jpg Jennifer Lopez 12.jpg Jennifer Lopez 13.jpg Jennifer Lopez 14.jpg Jennifer Lopez in bikini Jennifer Lopez by the sea sexy Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez ass Jennifer Lopez


  • She is fat now! Jennifer gained so much during her pregnancy. Where is her perfect ass?

  • One word: FAT!

    Her belly is like a potato sack!

    Her thighs are like flabby tree trunks.

    She is 100% fat, no muscles. :(

  • Wiwi and Errer are totally Disrespectful. That is not right to call a women fat. It very rude to say that about someone.

  • id plow her regardless even here id smash the heel out of her,she is gorgeous


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