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Jennifer Love Hewitt Appears At 27 Dresses

Yes, she is AT 27 dresses, not IN 27 dresses. Here is Jennifer Love Hewitt at the 27 Dresses premiere in Los Angeles. The movie stars Katherine Heigl and is a proverbial ‘always a bridesmaid’ type story. Jennifer didn’t really need 27 dresses for the occasion, who does really except maybe Cher, but you think she may have wanted to be a little more close-lidded when it came to her top. I mean, sexy is one thing but I am really thinking the ‘Too Much Information’ alert should be sounded soon. Mind you, this IS the girl who also thinks she’s a size 2 so go figure. And p.s. does she know any other pose? Or is her hand actually glued to her hip? Just curious…

Jennifer Love Hewitt 27 Dresses

Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt 2.jpg Jennifer Love Hewitt 3.jpg Jennifer Love Hewitt 4.jpg Jennifer Love Hewitt 5.jpg Jennifer Love Hewitt 6.jpg Jennifer Love Hewitt 7.jpg


  • She has one of the nicest smiles. I have never seen her nude too.
    She is so mysterious, love her body.

  • she is a beauty, no doubt at all…

  • what a body love W c her nude

  • great cleavage, she is so gorgeous, what a babe

  • lovely looks, great curves and busty as hell, whats not to adore in this women


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