written by Ann

Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Her Rack

Jennifer Love-Hewitt shows her rack in this low cut dress in LA. There are rumors that Jennifer might hasten her marriage with her boyfriend, Ross McCall. Ross is an actor and he is affected by the proposed actor’s strike. If he does not work, he can’t stay on in the US because he would face a problem with his visa. Jennifer is in love with Ross and will do the necessary to help him. It looks like Jennifer may become a sweaty summer bride after all.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt in white rack JRoss McCall low cut dress Jennifer Love Hewitt 5.jpg


  • She changed a lot :o

  • Where can I get this dress? I want it so muuuuuch!

  • indeed that dress is really nice =)

  • Ross is indeed a lucky man. He’ll be sucking on those on his wedding night….what could be better?