written by Wanda

Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Off Her Famous Cleavage

It is my imagination or does Jennifer Love Hewitt look like she’s headed to a photo shoot every time she leaves home? Jennifer looks camera ready as she leaves her house, Toluca Lake – all glammed up in full hair and makeup like she knew the paparazzi would be waiting for her. Smart girl. The paparazzi are always waiting. On a not entirely unrelated note, I am really loving Jennifer’s new show “The Client List”. I know Jennifer’s boobs tend to get more attention than her acting skills but I think “The Client List” gives her the chance to show off her talent as well as her body. I’m not completely sold on her Southern accent just yet but it seems to get better as the series goes on. It doesn’t matter what role she’s in though. It’s just great to see Jennifer on television again.


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