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Jennifer Love Hewitt Still Has It

The girl best known for her roles in “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and in “Ghost Whisperer” is back and she’s keen on showing everyone that she still has the “IT” factor. Jennifer Love Hewitt poses in these sexy photos – most probably for publicity related stuff. Looks like Jen’s skin is still fresh and healthy and her… well… boobs still look perky. Nice legs, too! I’m not a fan of the make-up, though. What do you think?

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt boobs Jennifer Love Hewitt photoshoot make up Jennifer Love Hewitt 5.jpg Jennifer Love Hewitt 6.jpg Jennifer Love Hewitt 7.jpg Jennifer Love Hewitt 8.jpg Jennifer Love Hewitt 9.jpg Jennifer Love Hewitt 10.jpg leggy


  • Hewitt has given me some of my best and most solid boners. Good bless her.

  • I never thought Ghost Whisperer babe had a body like that.

  • what is it with this site and its constant use of pics that are months and months old?

  • Didn’t you figure out that all sites use older photoshoot. There is no way to see correct date of shooting.

    I am glad HQ posts updated daily candids, thats what’s important to me.

  • Damn, JLH may be the most bodilicious white girl ever. Dam!

  • World class PLUMAGE.

  • she is stunning as always, world class goddess


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