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Jennifer Love Hewitt Topless In A Cowboy Hat

I like Jennifer Love Hewitt. I’ve liked her for a long time – since her Party of Five days. While I never actually watched Party of Five, or The Ghost Whisperer for that matter, I like JLH as a personality. She seems like the type of girl you could just hang out with and talk about… I don’t know. Whatever normal girls talk about. She seems down to earth. What I like most about her is she’s always been able to laugh at herself. That changed somewhere along the way, though. I think it was around the time she was vilified by the media for daring to put on a few pounds. It’s a shame, really. God forbid a woman look healthy. Anyway, since then, Jennifer has seemed a little more humorless and that’s sad. Then pictures like these come along and I remember what I loved most about her. I’m not talking about her body – although, let’s be honest, that’s a hard body not to love. I’m talking about her playfulness and her ability to look almost innocent while taking her clothes off for the camera. She’s sexy and sweet – an irresistible combination if you can get it right and Jennifer definitely gets it right.

Jennifer Love Hewitt topless in a cowboy hat

Jennifer Love Hewitt topless in a cowboy hat Jennifer Love Hewitt topless in a cowboy hat Jennifer Love Hewitt topless in a cowboy hatJennifer Love Hewitt topless in a cowboy hat Jennifer Love Hewitt topless in a cowboy hat


  • Wowwww Jennifer !! Thx Bro

  • one of the hottest surely, she is so stunning

  • just when you think this hottie cant look any fitter, she does it, she gets better and better, super hot lady

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