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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Hourglass Figure Hobbles

Jennifer Love Hewitt has injured her foot and rather than wear two low heels and walk on level ground, she chose to wear one high heel and hobble on an uneven gait like some severely injured woman. What the celebrity did for glamour was clearly painful. Craig Ferguson assisted her part of the way. They were on the set for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Using crutches was out of the question. Anyway, Jennifer looked beautiful and her dress showed her curvaceous figure.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt glamour high heel Jennifer Love Hewitt 5.jpg Jennifer Love Hewitt 6.jpg


  • Clutches? Are they anything like cRutches, the things that injured people use to help themselves walk?

  • Oops, thanks.

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