written by Wanda

Jennifer Metcalfe Shows Off Her Incredible Body.

I have to hand it to sexy “Hollyoaks” star Jennifer Metcalfe – she certainly knows how to put on a show. That body of hers is just incredibly – absolutely stunning – and she clearly isn’t afraid to show it off. I love this dress. I wouldn’t wear it but I can definitely appreciate it. Jennifer is clearly the kind of woman who isn’t afraid to turn a few heads but she seems focused on turning those heads in a somewhat classy way. The dress may be racy but it isn’t trashy. It’s sexy without crossing the line. Jennifer knows how to walk that fine line between ultra sexy and trashy. That’s not something a lot of women can pull off. I have to admit though, I’m not really feeling the necklace she’s opted for here. I think the outfit would’ve worked better with a more understated necklace but really, aside from me, who’s actually paying attention to the jewelry here?


  • she is so fit, her body is incredible, just look at that booty, love curves, she is so curvy, very sexy

  • She is super curvy. Just look at that big round booty. damn she got ass for days

  • she is very nice indeed, the blonde with her is very fit too

  • great ass