written by Wanda

Jennifer Morrison And Maria Menounos At The Grove

Now this set is a real treat for me. Jennifer Morrison and Maria Menounos together. Yes, this is a treat indeed. Taken on the set of Extra at The Grove in LA, these pictures show both women looking absolutely beautiful. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Jennifer’s dress but that’s really just a matter of personal taste. It looks nice on her but I’m not a huge fan of the print. I would’ve liked to see something a little less busy or perhaps just a solid color. Maria’s dress, on the other hand, is perfect – classy, elegant and sexy. All the same, Jennifer still looks absolutely stunning, even if I don’t love the print. It’s a small detail but one I felt I should mention.


  • I’m not a huge fan of Jennifer’s dress either, not so much the print, but the cut. A pair of red shoes would have complemented it better or a red jacket. But, you know, she’s human, she’s allowed to make clothing decisions like that. No one’s perfect.

    • I agree, a little red really would’ve worked well. To be fair to Jennifer, I’m quite sure her stylist probably chose the dress since it was for an interview. All the same, both Maria and Jennifer looked lovely.

  • There aren’t as many pictures of Maria as there are of Jennifer. I would have liked to have seen what Maria’s outfit looks like from the front, as well as her hairstyle too. They’re both beautiful women. Jennifer’s wearing makeup, but it’s not wearing her, which is good to see.

    • I believe Maria was interviewing Jennifer. The photographers must’ve only been allowed to shoot from one angle. I agree with you on Maria’s outfit though. I love pretty much everything that Maria does. I’ll have to see if I can find video of the interview online if it’s aired. Unfortunately, I don’t really know much about the setting of the photos other than the location (The Grove) and the fact that it was being filmed for Extra.

  • Did you notice Maria is mic’ed up, Wanda? I wonder if she was interviewing Jennifer and other celebrities. I agree, they’re both naturally beautiful women. I prefer what Maria is wearing to what Jennifer has on. Jennifer is quite slim and I think the outfit makes her look misshapen. Maybe a thick red belt would have brought her and the dress out more.

    • I did notice that, actually. I think Maria was there to interview Jennifer, probably about Once Upon a Time. If I remember correctly, I think Maria works for Extra at the moment although if I’m being perfectly honest, I get those entertainment news shows mixed up much of the time. I agree with you entirely about Jennifer’s dress. It just doesn’t compliment her as much as it could even though she still looks absolutely stunning. Although we don’t get to see a whole lot of Maria in these pictures, I’m sure she was her usual beautiful self.

  • I don’t blame you for getting the entertainment shows mixed up, hun! They’re kinda similar. You only have to watch one or two to be up to date on what’s going on in the celeb world!

    I think Maria’s got a nice tush. Can I say that? :-)

    Jennifer’s gorgeous. The dress, not so much. But hey, it is what it is.

  • Even though a couple of red accessories really would have made all the difference to that outfit of Jennifer’s (especially bright red), her stylist’s also human so is allowed to make a couple of boo-boos now and again. So all’s forgiven!