written by Wanda

Jennifer Nicole Lee Doesn’t Look As Outrageous As She Usually Does

By now, our regular readers should probably know I have a pretty love/hate relationship with Jennifer Nicole Lee. She’s gorgeous, yes but she has a tendency to wear the sluttiest possible outfits whenever she’s out in public. I don’t like that – never have. It just seems so trashy and desperate. I don’t mind women wearing skimpy bikinis at the beach or by the pool because that’s where skimpy outfits belong. I don’t even mind women wearing lingerie and things of that nature in public places for the purposes of a photoshoot because that’s often just part of the job. I do, however, find it distasteful when a woman goes out to the grocery store wearing an outfit that looks like it came straight out of her lingerie drawer. This is the kind of outfit we normally see Jennifer Nicole Lee in. That is not the case here. I think she looks great in these photos, snapped as she went out in Miami. It might be a little racier than anything I’d wear but it still is far more conservative than her normal attire. I have to give her points for that.


  • whatever people may think of her, she has a great body and she loves showing it off, more casual compared to some of her stuff, nice tho, sexy women

  • she got a nice big ass

  • great figure, nice booty