written by Wanda

Jennifer Nicole Lee Is Nearly Nude On South Beach

Once again, Jennifer Nicole Lee has opted to show off the results of all her hard work by wearing next to nothing for a little time in the sun on South Beach. I can’t get mad at her for that. This is a woman who wasn’t happy with the way she looked and made a concentrated effort to change, working hard to get herself in killer shape. I have to give her serious credit for that. I sometimes don’t like how she chooses to show off her body (wearing as little as possible to head out for groceries, for example) but all is fair at the beach. These photos are great. I love absolutely everything about them, even if the bikini bottoms do look astronomically uncomfortable.


  • god she is perfect, she seems like a crazy ass women that would do anything imagine if she was your girlfriend, she always shows off her body tho if your body is that great show it off pls

  • she is in great shape, but i hope her two fat chubby kidos are ok…….shame of her..sad

  • boobs and ass on show what a women, Wish every women did this, what a babe

  • well she has a fantastic body

  • with a body like tat, she should be naked all the time or do some good porn