written by Wanda

Jennifer Nicole Lee Kind Of Perplexes Me.

Jennifer Nicole Lee has worked hard for the body she wants to help other women do the same – an admirable goal for sure and something that earns this woman instant respect in my books. She wasn’t happy so she changed. Even if you’re pretty happy with your body, you can still take inspiration from the basic message. With that said, Jennifer honestly does irk me sometimes. If you work hard to get a body you feel proud of, you have every right to show it off but my problem with Jennifer is that she sometimes seems to be so trashy about it. There are many, many beautiful women in the world that have incredible bodies at least as nice, if not nicer, than Jennifer’s. Those women have probably worked just as hard to keep their incredible bodies in shape. Not all of them resort to dressing like a streetwalker to show off their bodies. It almost gives the impression that she isn’t looking to inspire but is instead looking for attention. This outfit is actually on the tame side for Jennifer but I think she would benefit from a bit more length on the skirt. She’d still be flaunting her body but she wouldn’t look quite so much like a hooker.



  • god this women is incredible, the outfits she wears are insane yes she does come off as trampy the way she obviously carries herself its unreal the sexy clothes she wears when shopping etc, not them i am complaining as she is attractive women and i cant say i wouldn’t tap that ass,

  • She is a very trashy dressing person. I feel that you should be proud of the work you have done to have your body look as good as hers. But how can you feel good about yourself when you dress like a skank? I just do not think that you can.