written by Wanda

Jennifer Nicole Lee Likes To Test Me.

I love Jennifer Nicole Lee … in theory. Her story is inspiring and she’s worked incredibly hard to get where she is in her life. I respect that and I respect her for that so there is a big part of me that wants to look the other way on this one. I can’t though. It wouldn’t be fair to the other celebs I would trash for wearing this outfit or have trashed for wearing similar outfits. I wrote a post about Kate Beckinsale yesterday and mentioned that there is often a fine line between self confident and arrogant. There is also sometimes a fine line between sexy and sleazy. With this outfit, I feel Jennifer has done somersaults over both of those lines. Jennifer works hard to look the way she looks but in these photos she just looks like a working girl, if you get my meaning. Yes she looks sexy but she also looks entirely trashy. I’d expect to see an outfit like this on someone like Shauna Sands or that “Teen Bride” bimbo – not a fitness guru who expects to be taken seriously. I know this all sounds harsh, but it’s my opinion. I really do adore Jennifer and I respect what she’s done with her life but if anyone else were wearing this kind of getup while apparently running errands, I’d be writing the same thing. Sorry Jennifer – just not a fan of this look.


  • the sad is she has 2 chubby kids

  • The word for her right now is trashy. I think that she is so pretty but come on you need to dress the part. It looks like you are a two bit hooker, I’m sorry. Please dress a bit more appropriate from now on.

  • Trampy, slutty, whorish, get the point? I think that this outfit takes a great body and puts it to shame. She is gross looking in this and really needs to get some respect for herself. Yuck you are not impressing anyone.

  • slutty outfit, its a shame in today’s world that so many attractive women especially celebs have to resort to wearing slutty clothes and acting the same way

  • Skanky is about right. She looks awful. I think that it is a shame. She need to have some respect for sure. The outfit is one that a hooker would wear and I doubt that she sees herself in that light.