written by Wanda

Jennifer Nicole Lee Nip Slip?

Is it really a nip slip if it’s apparently intentional? I mean, Jennifer Nicole Lee took her bikini top off at a pool in Miami with cameras snapping away. She couldn’t have been surprised that a little nipple made an appearance. I typically don’t care about nip slips because, hey, accidents happen, but I’m a little less forgiving when it comes to taking your bikini top off in front of the paparazzi. It just feels a little desperate. All the same, I won’t give Jennifer too much of a hard time about it. Maybe she didn’t know the cameras were there or maybe she just wanted to air out the girls and hey – nip slip or purposeful nip flashing aside, she looks pretty fantastic in these photos. I give Jennifer a hard time often enough that I can think I can let it slide this time.

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  • she is always basically naked, she has a wonderful figure, really hot, I mean she has it all