written by Wanda

Jennifer Nicole Lee Shows Off Her Ass In Dallas

So Jennifer Nicole Lee decided to spend a little time at a pool in Dallas recently and this is what she wore. This is kind of a weird bikini. I wanted to call it a teeny tiny bikini but it isn’t – at least not the top half of it. It’s almost kind of conservative on the top – at least as conservative as a bikini top can be – but the bottom is a different story entirely, especially if you’re looking at it from behind. To be honest, I like the suit although it’s a little too ‘fringy’ for me. It still looks great on her and shows off all of her best features. This woman isĀ in shape. While I give her a bit of a hard time for wearing very little when she goes to the grocery store, I can’t and won’t say anything negative about her wearing a bikini to the pool. I mean, that’s what bikinis are for, after all. Overall, a great set of photos of a ridiculously gorgeous woman.


  • awesome body

  • she is so fit, unreal body, great ass and legs, nice face too