written by Wanda

Jennifer Nicole Lee Shows Off Her Hard Work Appropriately.

In the past, I’ve posted pictures of Jennifer Nicole Lee and have given her a bit of a hard time about the clothing she chose to wear. The post about the gold “dress” she wore to the grocery store and the post about the black whatever you would call it she wore to run errands come to mind. Here’s why I had a problem with those pictures but not these ones. In the other photos, Jennifer was just out and about doing day to day things dressed up like a street walker. I don’t think that’s necessary or appropriate. In these photos, Jennifer is wearing even less but I’m okay with it because these are professional photo shoot pictures in a professional environment. She is a fitness guru. She needs to show off her fit body as part of her job. I would be more inclined to follow her fitness advice based on these photos because she clearly knows a thing or two about getting/staying in shape. It’s all about context and I don’t think Jennifer’s figured that out just yet.


  • Looking good here. She has a very sexy body. I have seen other pics of her and she looks rather skanky in them based on what she was wearing but here she looks good. Her hard work has paid off.

  • she loves showing off her body, amen to that

  • I love the fact that you can have a muscular body and still look hot. Jennifer proves that here. I think that she looks amazing. I love the purple suit, looks amazing on her.

  • Looking hot here. I love the black outfit what a total turn on. She is looking really good in all her poses but for some reason the black one just calls to me. I love it.

  • what about her two chubby kids?

  • She is looking pretty good here. I have seen her in a few outfits that were not the best looking but in these photos she looks amazing and her sense of style is all there.